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The Admin Corner: Office 365

What is Office 365? Some folks are a bit confused because of the name. The name implies to some that it is a new flavor of Office. Perhaps the next version after Office 2010. But that isn’t the case. It’s actually the next version of Microsoft’s hosted suite of services. Currently they offer their Business…

How to Create Rules in Outlook 2007 | Outlook Instructional Video | CBT

What is Windows Powershell | Online CBT Blog

For many, the introduction of a new command-line tool like PowerShell is a step backward.  They love the GUI, so why would they ever want to use the command-line again? For others, they debate the purpose and use of PowerShell.  Is it a scripting language or not?  The answer is important because the perception of…

The Admin Corner: Should you fear the “cloud”?

In short… YES! Does that mean you should avoid moving your services, platform and/or infrastructure to the cloud if it benefits you overall? Absolutely not. There is a need for balanced thinking combined with careful research and reading with regard to the vendors you choose to host your data or services. ClipTraining is a proud…

Powershell 2.0 Tutorial for Windows 7 | Powershell CBT Training Videos

Windows 7 includes the latest flavor of PowerShell with a semi-GUI oriented app called PowerShell ISE. In this “Clip of the Week” Brien Posey, Microsoft MVP, will talk you through some of the new features:

The Admin Corner: ClipTraining at Techmentor

This has been an incredibly exciting week in the tech sector.  The Techmentor conference in Orlando Florida has been going on all week and it has been one of the best Techmentors we’ve attended. ClipTraining’s J. Peter Bruzzese kicked off the week on Monday with a session called Windows 7: Tips, Tricks and Tools which…

How to Use and Understand Windows 2007 Applocker Capabilities | CBT

Here is a taste of ClipTraining’s course “Windows 7 for Admins” by Brien Posey (tech author, Microsoft MVP and more)

Top 10 Twitter Tips and Tricks | ClipTraining CBT Blog

Hopefully you enjoyed our “Clip of the Week” this week on the use of TweetDeck.  Many folks sign up for Twitter and only use the web site but never look for other tools!  TweetDeck is certainly impressive in the ability it provides you to set up groupings of persons you follow and easily tweet, establish…

The Admin Corner: Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE)

One of the biggest concerns when moving your infrastructure to the cloud is the lack of control you have over certain aspects of your organization. No matter what vendor you choose (Microsoft or someone else) you face positives and negatives in terms of control. You give up a great deal of stress, no doubt. But…

How to Use TweetDeck Effectively | TweetDeck Training Video Tutorial

If you think Twitter is cool, you’ll love the free tool called TweetDeck! It’s great for organizing all the goings-on in your Twitter-verse. This is just one of the clips available from the new Twitter Series from ClipTraining (Coming Soon!)

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