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What is Cloud Computing Technology Used For | ClipTraining Blog

Recently a colleague made reference to a private cloud, which frankly stopped me in my tracks because in my mind I kept thinking “isn’t a private cloud just an internal, company owned and run network?”  And that seemed to be somewhat of a paradox because isn’t the ‘cloud’ simply a term used as a metaphor…

The Admin Corner: Small Business Server 2011

SBS 2011 Standard is here and it is exactly what you would expect it to be if you are already an SBS administrator with legacy flavors of SBS. If you had SBS 2008 then you will see all the upgrades you were hoping for with SBS 2011. The base operating system for SBS 2011 is…

How to Use Windows Shortcut Keys | Online Video Tutorial CBT

The Admin Corner: Links to Great Articles on InfoWorld

There are always places online to find IT information these days. InfoWorld is where ClipTraining’s J. Peter Bruzzese has his Enterprise Windows column so we tend to be a bit partial toward them. Today there are several great articles for IT admins to consider: Microsoft Lync 2010: Unfiied communications comes of age | Microsoft’s seamlessly…

Sharepoint 2010 Tutorial Training Videos | How to Setup Sharepoint 2010 CBT

The Admin Corner: IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome 10

Across the board the major browser competitors have released their latest browser. For the most part, they all look the same. But there are some notable differences in IE9 that make it worth considering over the others. ClipTraining’s J. Peter Bruzzese covers this in his Enterprise Windows column on InfoWorld. Read more here:

How to Privately Browse in Internet Explorer | Private Browsing in IE

Follow-up Friday: Returning to Learning Management System Roots

When ClipTraining first considered online, task-based video training for computer users, we initially thought of two things: the standards we would adhere to for quality in our video series and the delivery mechanism we would utilize. That delivery mechanism morphed from an in-house Web server that hosted videos into an online solution that had a…

The Admin Corner: New Products to Consider in 2011 from Microsoft and Others

The roadmap each year varies for product releases.  2010 was an amazing year with products being released that wowed the industry, like the April 2010 release of the iPad and the various tablets released by others that year (like the Galaxy Tab).  It’s hard to follow up a year like that and we shouldn’t expect…

Top 10 Features of ClipTraining’s New Learning Management System | LMS V7

This week ClipTraining released their newest Learning Management System version 7 with a variety of enhancements and improvements. We wanted to share these with all of our blog readers and would like to thank our development team for all their hard work in making ClipTraining’s training and support solution the most effective learning tool. Period.

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