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How to Connect Dual Monitors in Windows | CBT Video Training Tutorial

Learn how to use more than one monitor with your computer. Having more desktop real estate is invaluable and allows for greater productivity as you’ll learn in this clip!

Quickly Expand Your Font Styles | ClipTraining CBT Blog

Here’s a tip you’ll want to put into practice now: expanding your available font styles.  Choose from all sorts of fonts by doing Internet searches for ‘downloadable fonts’ or ‘free fonts’.  If you have a particular style you are looking for such as ‘Walt Disney Font’ type this in too, you’ll be surprised at the…

The Admin Corner: Tech Ed 2011 comes to Atlanta

Last week was an exciting one as Microsoft kicked off Tech Ed 2011 to over 10,000+ attendees in Atlanta Georgia. ClipTraining’s J. Peter Bruzzese was at the event and was invited to be part of a special journalist Reviewers Workshop on the Sunday before the Keynote. He sums up the week in his InfoWorld column entitled: Microsoft…

How to Add System Fonts in Windows | ClipTraining Video Online

Learn how to add some great new fonts to your system to enhance your documents in this clip!

How to Use Windows 2008 Server Core Configurator CBT

Should I Upgrade to Sharepoint 2010 | Online CBT Training

It’s normal to want to upgrade to the latest and greatest of any given product. SharePoint 2010 is such a tremendous improvement over 2007 that many organizations that held off on 2007 are now deploying 2010 into their environments. At the same time organizations that have 2007 already are looking into upgrading their SharePoint to…

How to Check a Slow Computer Performance | Windows Experience Index | CBT

The Admin Corner | Atlantis Ilio removes the performance barriers to VDI

Virtual desktops are the way of the future. They are easy to deploy and update and offer tremendous savings potential. However, many are not seeing that savings due to the storage costs associated with VDI due to redundant data on the storage devices combined with the number one VDI killer… storage throughput. This week ClipTraining’s…

How To Set Auto Reply in Outlook | Setting Out of Office Rule Video

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