Monthly Archives: June 2011

How to Use | Video Tutorial on

One of the coolest new cloud-based solution on the market is Spoon. In this clip you’ll learn how to work with this tool to keep your apps (and more) in the cloud!

Configuring Dual Monitors in Windows 7 | ClipTraining CBT Blog

Managing dual monitors used to be a cumbersome experience since each video card manufacturer had its own application to manage your screens.  Fortunately, Windows 7 eliminates the learning curve and has a simple configuration tool that graphically illustrates the placement of your monitors and their respective resolutions. To access this, just right click on your…

The Admin Corner: Windows Storage Server

Windows Server 2008 R2 is such a stable and mature server operating system that it has built a great deal of trust in the enterprise community as a result. Microsoft has taken this server base and created a variety of different solutions for administrators to install in-house and for OEMs to take and distribute in…

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