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Advanced Microsoft Office Tutorials | Tips and Tricks | ClipTraining

In our latest installment of the Clip of the Week, we looked at how to disable the SmartPaste feature, allowing us to quickly paste data into our documents and move on.  The video clip took us over to the Advanced button found on the File tab in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other ribbon-enabled Office applications. …

How to Disable Microsoft Office Smart Cut and Paste Video CBT

This clip is not only meant to help you learn how to disable the SmartPaste feature, but to assist you in feeling more comfortable with adjusting your Office environment to suit your own working style and needs by being able to configure Options and more advanced settings.

Windows 8 Developer Preview Review | Online CBT Tutorials

With all the excitement surrounding the next version of Windows, it seemed appropriate that we download, install and check out the preview for Microsoft’s flagship operating system.  In previous posts we showed you the possibility of a new interface using titles for shortcuts.  That article pointed out how to obtain the Windows 8 interface right…

Video Preview of Windows 8 | What Windows 8 Will Be Like

Windows 8 is coming soon and ClipTraining is set to keep you updated with all the latest and greatest features! Stay tuned for more!

Windows Media Player Enhancements and Tips | ClipTraining Video CBT Blog

How to Speed up Your Internet Browsing Experience | ClipTraining Video Blog

Hopefully you got a chance to see our Browser roundup earlier this week.  Towards the end, I talked about a simple way to potentially speed up Internet Explorer: removing unneeded add-ons.  Some of you may need a refresher on this and some other tricks to boost your browser.  So without further ado, here are 3…

Comparing Chrome to Internet Explorer to Firefox | Browser Comparison

Too often we hear folks debating that one browser is better than another. While the nuances and extended features may help you to choose which you prefer, take a look at this clip that compares them visually and see if you feel it is worth trying out something new!

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