Monthly Archives: July 2012

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Preview (Office 2013)

It’s official!  The wraps are off the new Microsoft Office suite with the July 16th press event announcing the new Microsoft Office 365 Home Preview.  With its new touch centric interface and bold styling, Office appears primed for another run as the king of business productivity software.   What is it? Although it is still…

Windows 8: Using Automatic Maintenance

Windows 8: Accessing Administrative Tools

Windows 8: Exploring Windows Defender

Windows 8: Exploring the Metro Travel App

Windows 8: Adding Subsections of Apps to the Start Screen

3 More New Products From Microsoft Right Around the Corner

With a flurry of announcements in recent weeks, Microsoft has generated quite a buzz in the tech community.  It started with the low rumble of Windows 8 coming in the distance.  Sure, we’ve heard about Windows 8 coming for a long time, even got our hands on some nifty previews of it.  Then we got…

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