Monthly Archives: September 2013

Windows Phone 8 Security Accreditation Achieved!

Microsoft and it’s loyal Windows Phone 8 users can breath a collective sigh of relief. This week Microsoft has just announced that the Windows 8 phone has received accreditation from the governmental authorities for their smartphone operating system. The certification was awarded by the Communications Security Establishment in Canada and the US, the National Institute…

What is GodMode in Windows 8, and why should I use it?

Ok, so I know that title was a bit extreme, but I promise you that Windows 8 has a feature called GodMode and it’s actually pretty awesome. Still with me? Great. Windows 7 was a great operating system, and some people felt that Windows 8 was a “dumbed down” version of a great OS with…

Let’s talk Windows – 5 new features of Windows 8.1

October 26, 2012 was a big day for the folks at Microsoft. It was the date of official general availability for it’s latest and greatest Operating system…That is, at least until October 17th of 2013 roles around. And that’s when the first major update to the Microsoft OS goes public for digital download. Windows 8.1….

What’s New in Excel 2013

By now, you should know that with each new release, Microsoft quietly piles on new features for its flagship spreadsheet tool. Sometimes however, we find that a few of those additional features actually make the tool more complex and cumbersome to work through. Not to fear! New for 2013, Microsoft Excel has a few features…

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