Monthly Archives: November 2013

ClipTraining’s New (and Fun) Commercial

We love changing things up every once in a while. Check out the new commercial for our home page. Thanks to Alan Wright for his work on creating the commercial and to Emily Coltman for her voice talents.    

Hidden and removed features in Windows 8.1

The release of Windows 8.1 was met with many cheers from all of the users who were unhappy with the Windows 8 release.    Windows 8.1 came with some really useful upgrades (can you say almost a start button) however there were some features that were removed to make room for these various upgrades.  What features…

ClipTraining Releases Outlook 2013 and OWA 2013 Training for End-Users

ClipTraining knows how difficult it can be for end-users to work with new applications, especially when they change so much from one version to the next. Our latest course on Outlook 2013 includes plenty of training on the use of Microsoft’s latest email application for end-users. It also includes several lessons on proper email etiquette,…

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