3 Great Ways to Listen to Your Tunes

If you haven’t yet checked out Grooveshark, a fantastic source for free streaming music of your choice, then head right over to this weeks  Clip of the Week and check out the video Exploring Free Music Available at Grooveshark.com.  Get acquainted with this fabulous website and if you haven’t already done so, make it one of your favorites.  Of course, listening to all your favorite music is always better when it’s played through high quality speakers.  So let’s take a look at 3 awesome audio setups: Koss PortaPro Headphones; the Creative Inspire S2 Wireless for your computer & the amazing Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker.

Koss PortaPro Headphones  (ww.koss.com)

Ask 100 people what headset they like best and you’ll probably get 200 different answers –there’s  just so many to choose from.  Here’s one though that brings back a retro look yet has excellent 3d sound for a low price, Koss PortaPro headphones.   They have renowned comfort and sound and a low price point in the under $50 range.  The earcups are secured to your head by a thin steel headband that adjusts with two sliders that tighten and loosen the tension. Once you have them in place, the PortaPros are actually very comfortable–they’re featherweight and additional cushions on top of the ear pads prevent the headset from slipping. The comfort level is taken a step further with what Koss calls their “Comfort Zone.” This feature has three mechanical settings that let you adjust the tension of the earpiece against your head.  Award winning, comfortable, low price point & great sound all make for a winner!

Creative Inspire S2 Wireless  (www.creative.com)

Wireless devices sometimes weigh in heavy on price making the extra cost seem questionable.  Here’s a set of speakers for your computer that justifies a slight uptick in price yet delivers a high punch in the sound department.  With the Creative Inspire S2 Wireless, the two palm sized satellites fit in the palm of your hand and actually attach to a powerful subwoofer.  The wireless part comes in when you plug in a tiny USB Bluetooth connector which transmits from your desktop or laptop to create a wireless setup just like popular wireless mouse and keyboard setups that are popular today.  Or, if you have a Bluetooth enabled phone like a Motorola Droid, the Bluetooth can easily connect to it and you’re off blasting through your music collection on your phone.  With quick and easy setup, wireless connectivity, powerful sound and priced under $150, consider this upgrade to a trendy set of speakers.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker  (www.bose.com)

At first glance people usually ask, “What is it?” when they first see Bose’s latest foray into mobile sound.  One song into it though and the questions quickly turn to, “How do I get one?” 

Powered by Bose, this mobile speaker sounds awesome blasting tunes from such a small footprint.  It too connects through Bluetooth but requires nothing but a charged battery.  It works wirelessly from your phone, tablet or laptop.  The nice thing is, it can play music for up to 8 hrs on a single charge.  My informal testing proved this correct and then some. Connecting was easy and its compact size let me put it in a backpack and move easily with it -weight is under 3 lbs.  Bose says that sound performance is unlike any other mobile speaker this size.  That is an understatement: Sound performance was better than many speakers 3 times its size!  Of course all this come at higher price, but at $300 it seems like Bose has found just the right blend of performance and portability.  If you like to lead the pack in tech, this is the one for you.

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 10:25 pm

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