5 Resume Tips to Improve Your Chances of Being Hired

The Interview. 

That key moment where you present yourself to your prospective employer. 

You know they’re going to love you when they see you and you are literally perfect for the job.  You have the qualifications and know the job like the back of your hand.  Soon they’ll hand you the reigns and you‘ll be on your way.  The job is yours for the taking.

Or is it?

Well it would have been had not 750 other people applied for the job and that weak outdated resume of yours got pushed to the back of the line.

So what’s it going to take to stand out in a crowd and make actually getting hired a reality?  Here’s a look at 5 practical tips that will move your resume way up to the front of the line.  Think of these tips not as a guarantee but more like a FastPass to the interview.

1. Presentation –Believe it or not, a resume is an advertisement for you.  Not just the words, but the layout -how it looks in addition to what is actually stated can mean a lot.  Take the time to find a style or template that you feel comfortable editing.  A great resource can be found in the resume section at Microsoft Office online.  A word of caution though.  Try to pick something that is off the beaten path.  Remember the HR department may view hundreds of resumes each week.  Pick a style they won’t recognize and one that will make them slow down when they get to yours.  Keep the length of the resume to no more than two pages.  Do not use a font size smaller than 10 point and be sure the font you do select is legible and easily read. 

2. Strategic Keywords – Some people write a resume like a shotgun blast.  It’s going to scatter ammo all over and hope some of it hits.  The days of this approach are long gone.  If you’ve found a presentation style that looks the part make sure your keywords fit the part.  For example, when applying for slightly different jobs based on the same skill set, make sure your objective content at the top of your resume matches the job description.  Some companies will pre-select resumes based on key words chosen by the Human Resources manager. So when reading the job description try to pick out these key words and implement them into your resume.

3. Know Your ABC’s – The ABC’s are simple, they stand for Accurate, Brief & Clear.   Choose this approach to your resume writing.  Highlight your strengths by putting the most relevant points first where they can be viewed quickly. Remain positive and avoid negatives such as reasons for leaving an employer and history gaps in employment. These can be discussed in person if necessary.  Use bullet points to convey information and strive to be clear and concise when writing the rest of the resume.

4. Action Words – The right wording will present you as confident and qualified.  The wrong wording, and, well, you’ll join the rest of the job hunters looking for the next job.  Here is a “must have” list of words that energize your resume and help you put your best foot forward.  If possible, try to use as many of these words as possible. 

  • Prepared
  • Directed
  • Managed
  • Developed
  • Monitored
  • Implemented
  • Coordinated
  • Presented


5. Feature  Your Qualifications – No doubt you have worked hard over the years to build up your skills and qualifications.  What a waste it would be not to feature them!  Surprisingly, inexplicably, sometimes these important aspects of a resume are left out or buried in small print.  Show off your accomplishments and proudly present them.  This will convey  not only that you have been successful in learning important skills but al so that you are teachable and able to acquire more education – a valuable asset in itself.  Use as many as possible, preferably on the second page of your resume.  In this instance, the more the better.  Be sure to feature any courses you have completed and have certificates for from ClipTraining.

Posted on February 1, 2012 at 2:34 pm

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