An Introduction from ClipTraining CEO Timothy Duggan

You never quite believe your grandparents when they tell you just how fast these years will start to go. Then before you know it you’re telling your kids and grand kids the same thing. Is it safe to say our time in the YouTube generation with a constant barrage of information (no matter your age) is even more a blur than decades ago? (Of course we exclude the 60’s. That decade could be a bit hazy… or so I’m told.)

Life happens fast.

As we begin another year typically this is the time when everyone dusts off their list of improvements but there’s always so much to sap our time. (Reddit doesn’t just read itself). Whether our list is for business, personal or both we can all use a little shortcut. So ClipTraining has planned some enhancements for 2011 that aim to do just that. Our goal is to make your life (technologically and beyond) less cluttered and less cumbersome, by helping you get time saving knowledge quickly.

The first of these begins right here with the ClipTraining Blog. It’ll serve to wade through the glut of information, training, and changes to bring you the best-of-the-best whether that be new products or relevant news.

We’ll start each week with the “Clip of the Week”. A video selected from The ClipTraining Library of task-based, to-the-point training. If you are a member of the ClipTraining family already, you know that these Clips will improve your productivity as you learn (or re-learn) how to perform functions in the most common software applications. Use these to keep your education fresh and take the time when you can to follow up this Clip with more from the Series it came.

To the point of this post, let’s get right to it! Here is your Clip of the Week…

Timothy Duggan

Posted on January 10, 2011 at 8:01 am

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