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Lazy training puts your company at risk

This past week ClipTraining’s J. Peter Bruzzese wrote a great article for InfoWorld that focused on the need to make training mandatory for end-users and/or to aggressively incentivize training. Learn more about the importance for doing this through the Enterprise Windows column on InfoWorld:  

ClipTraining’s New (and Fun) Commercial

We love changing things up every once in a while. Check out the new commercial for our home page. Thanks to Alan Wright for his work on creating the commercial and to Emily Coltman for her voice talents.    

SharePoint 2013 ClipStart Guide Now Available on

Want to get the latest 2-page ClipStart Guide from ClipTraining on SharePoint 2013?  Just click the link below, click the ClipStart Guide channel and click on the SharePoint 2013 guide (or any of the free guides available).  You’ll have to sign up for a demo account and you’ll be good to go! Get your free…

Conversational Geek (2nd Edition) Coming Soon!

ClipTraining’s J. Peter Bruzzese has just finished up the 2nd Edition of his popular tech primer called Conversational Geek (in 7 days!).  The book is a collection of all things “geek”, from computers to the Internet, even a chapter on Geek Entertainment.  In this 2nd Edition JPB updates all the technology portions to include the…

Office 2013 Review on the Udemy Blog

Check out this post on the Udemy blog site written by ClipTraining’s special tag team and authors of “Using Windows 8” Nick Saccamanno and J. Peter Bruzzese. Click the link here to go to the post or click the screenshot of the post to be taken as well:    

ClipTraining releases “What’s New in Office 2013” Training Series

ClipTraining is excited about releasing a video series on new features in Office 2013. Many of you are already Office experts so this series will help catch you up to speed on the cool new features Microsoft has baked into its latest rendition. This 3 hour series features 50 different clips that cover all the…

KNOWBE4 Proves Myths About Security Awareness Training Wrong—Cybercrime Costs Businesses Over $20 Billion in 2012

KnowBe4 CEO Stu Sjouwerman addresses inaccurate Internet security myths and offers the real truth to help reduce losses due to cybercrime.    (TAMPA BAY, Fl.) March 12, 2013 – Last year, American businesses and consumers lost a combined $20.7 billion to cybercrime, with 71 million people falling victim to online scams and phishing attacks (1)….

The Value of Training: Commentary on Lecture from Paul DePodesta

Greetings, this is J. Peter Bruzzese (Cof-Founder and CIO of ClipTraining) As a journalist for InfoWorld I have opportunities to visit a variety of different conferences and meet some incredibly talented people from time to time.  Last week, at the Training Conference in Orlando Florida, I had the privilege to hear a speech from Paul DePodesta. …

The Many Ways to Learn Windows 8

This week Microsoft announced it had already sold 40 million licenses (in just 1 month since Windows 8 went live!!!) Maybe you are one of the 40 million who now have Windows 8.  Maybe, with the holidays just ahead, you’re about to become a member of the next 40 million using Windows 8.  It’s a…

ClipTraining releases “Windows 8 Essentials” training and a new “Metro” theme!

Windows 8 is Out Today; Are You Ready?! ClipTraining is happy to announce an update to their online LMS solution (LMS v8.1) which includes a new Metro theme and launches with the release of Windows 8 Essentials! Windows 8 Essentials is the perfect introduction into the world of Windows 8 with lessons on how to…

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