ClipTraining Learning Portal v8 (CTLPv8) Goes Live!!!

This is an exciting day for ClipTraining. Over the weekend we upgraded our learning portal system to version 8. CTLPv8 comes with a bevy of new features and performance improvements including the following:

Improved Clip Streaming Performance: We have reproduced our entire video library as MP4s (as opposed to FLVs).  This was for iPad compatibility but the result was that our file sizes were halved, making the streaming process exponentially faster!

Enhanced Personalization: ClipTraining now allows you to choose from one of four themes (Hero, Retro, iRobot and Lotus) to help personalize your experience. In addition, you can now upload your avatar for your account.

Next-gen Gamification: Our new ClipAwards trophy room allows you to see all over your digital discs, medals, trophy’s and stars. We’ve added a new level (ClipTraining Guru) with an emerald digi-disc for those few who have achieved 5000+ points. See where you rank in your company and who your top 3 ClipTraining users are.

iPad and Android Friendly: As mentioned above, our clips are now playable on all formats (desktop/laptop/tablets/phones). We have even redesigned our library selections to be more tablet friendly and easier to select items.

For Administrators – Greater reporting ability.  We offer more reporting on the overall activity of a person as well as their progress.

ClipTraining is always improving to benefit our existing customers and our future customers to learn more.  If you haven’t seen the new site and features, check it out today:

Posted on May 15, 2012 at 12:36 pm

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