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This week’s “Clip of the Week” centered on creating an image panorama using Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Today we’d like to build on that by showing you a more advanced method for displaying 360° 3D panoramas using

This free service allows you to convert your images and display them in two styles: 3D Panoramas and Synths.   Panoramas are made stitching a set of photos taken from exactly the same spot and with exactly the same focal length. Synths use photos that were taken from different locations. Panoramas display seamlessly, Synths display as a collection of individual photos. Either way the results are impressive. 

The tools needed to generate Panoramas and Synths vary but are all provided for free on except for your digital camera of course!  These tools include an Image Composite Editor, Photosynth Desktop Application or Photosynth IPhone app (Note: apps are being created for other phones but aren’t available just yet).

On visiting the site, we were amazed at how many people had uploaded incredible image collections converted to 3D.  In just a few minutes you can become immersed in fantastic 3D Synths from around the world.  When viewing a Synth, a four way navigation at the bottom of the depiction lets you explore the scene easily as shown below.

Here are links to some outstanding examples in their respective categories –

 Additionally, the site is pushing for business owners to create Panoramas and Synths of their business interiors that are linked to Bing Maps.  From there it will be visible to everyone who searches for that business on Bing Maps. Here’s a sample.  Or if you prefer, once you publish on you can link directly to it from your blog or company website. 

This technology is more than just a novelty.  With the resurgence of interest in 3D technologies, this type of solution has real staying potential for sites designed for both work and play.

Posted on July 8, 2011 at 8:38 am

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