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By now you must have figured out that we go gaga for any tidbit or morsel we can get on Windows 8.  To help pacify your “Can’t wait for the Windows 8 beta” urge, today we’ll show you a software app that lets you run a clone of the rumored Metro UI coming to Windows 8.  It’s called Mosaic, and it’s a dandy.   Head over to the CodePlex site to download it.  The file you will download ends in a .7z extension.  (Not to worry.  This week’s Clip of the Week shows you a free app that will unzip this in a flash. )

With Mosaic, you can configure your desktop to show tiles that serve as icons.  You can create several layers and customize this group extensively.  Although optimized for Windows touch screen devices, it ran perfect on our 64 bit Windows 7 desktop.  Like any new software there was a learning curve, but it sure was small. 

To get started, after launching the app, left click on the right side of your screen.  Note: Dual monitors must be disabled to activate this feature.  Here you can start building your mosaic.  Add widgets, websites, applications and more to the Mosaic tiles.  Soon we found ourselves creating several tiles and launching apps with ease.  The tiles can slide off the screen with a mouse flick (left click, hold and drag left) and you can access another set of tiles this way like the iPhone/iPad interface.  Left clicking on the left side of your screen brings up a task bar–like menu with thumbnail icons of your open apps.

Very customizable and easy to use, we admit it… we’re addicted to this new UI.  No it’s not Windows 8 but hopefully it will tide you over until the first release gets here.

Posted on July 24, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Categories: CodePlex, Microsoft, Windows 8

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