Is Office 2010 Worth It For Me | Why Should You Upgrade to Office 2010

Hopefully you had the chance to view our “Clip of the Week” that pointed out the top 25 new Office 2010 features.  If not, please click here:  “Top 25 Office 2010 Features”.

We are constantly being sought after for advice on whether or not it is necessary to upgrade to Office 2010.  It’s a reasonable question.  Some folks are interested in making the move or moving their entire infrastructure over (in the case of IT administrators or decision makers) but they are either leery of each new release of any Microsoft solution, be it the OS or the Office suite, or they are application leap-froggers (meaning the skip every other Office release).

So where do we stand on the matter?  We’re still looking at a recovering economy where penny pinching is still a major factor to upgrading.  With that in mind we’ll offer three considerations to making the move to Office 2010:

  • If you are deploying a new infrastructure or adding to an existing infrastructure with new systems and you either need to purchase a version of Office or Office 2010 is bundled in… it is a no brainer that you should go with Office 2010 on those systems.  They will work just fine in your existing environment, although depending on the flavor of Office currently deployed you may need to install an add-on for users to view documents that have been created in Office 2010 (or save documents from Office 2010 into a 97-2003 .doc file format)
  • If you are in the financial position to do so and feel the new feature set is valuable for you personally or the users you support, by all means roll it out.  This would especially be wise if you have an interest in making use of SharePoint 2010 in your environment.  The two are built to work seamlessly and smoothly together.
  • If you don’t feel the bevy of new and improved features will impact the productivity of your users and feel like you can skip this one, then retain the budget for more important things at this time.  Have you upgraded your users to Windows 7 yet?  Do you have enough training support for users who are working with Windows and Office? Training may enhance productivity far beyond an Office upgrade that nobody needs right now.


It’s your decision obviously.  But don’t shy away from it simply because it is the newest flavor.   It’s a stable and polished choice for your desktop users.  We recommend it  IF it fits your needs and will increase productivity and it fits your budget.  And don’t forget to leave room in that budget to provide training support for users as well.  There is nothing worse than spending a boatload of money on a new OS or application and having users lose productivity due to a lack of training support.

Posted on January 14, 2011 at 10:21 am

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