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The big boys in the antivirus protection arena are well known. 

Norton.  McAfee.  AVG.  Microsoft. 

Microsoft?  Yes, that Microsoft. 

Seems pretty simple, right?  An operating system manufacturer should know how best to protect their computer.  And Microsoft’s Security Essentials is no slouch when it comes to warding off all sorts of rogue software.  By combining virus and anti-spyware protection all in one, keeping the application simple and perhaps, most important, using precious little computer resources, Security Essentials is the latest in several free applications from Microsoft that actually outdo others costly offerings. 

The application itself is so stunningly simple that at first glance it seems underwhelming.  Don’t be fooled, this is all a façade.  On installation, Security Essentials gets to work right away with real time protection and updating both virus and spyware definitions.  Hidden behind the scenes, the application silently checks itself for updates three times a day.  A discreet icon in the system tray is inconspicuously present and unless some alert is brought to your attention, days or even weeks will go by without you even noticing the application is running.  This stealth like approach quickly becomes endearing when compared with the bells and whistles of other virus protection software touting their very existence. 

By including spyware definitions as part of it’s all inclusive package, Microsoft has made the need for third party spyware applications redundant and likely unnecessary in most situations.  The longtime king of the hill Spybot Search and Destroy no longer becomes a must install application on new machines.  And for those very eager to help participate in the prevention of spreading malware, upon installation of Security Essentials, a free basic or advanced membership options to Microsoft’s Spynet is available.  With your permission this will allow Microsoft to see where this software came from how, it affected your computer and how it operates. 

Ever sensitive to the still large Windows XP community, instead of causing a forced upgrade, Microsoft wisely has ensured this app is available in most current flavors of Windows, sure to delight the XP faithful.  Their motto seemingly is: If you’re running Windows, we’ve got you covered.

What’s not to love about all this?

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 8:05 am

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