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Here’s a tip you’ll want to put into practice now: expanding your available font styles.  Choose from all sorts of fonts by doing Internet searches for ‘downloadable fonts’ or ‘free fonts’.  If you have a particular style you are looking for such as ‘Walt Disney Font’ type this in too, you’ll be surprised at the results!  Installation is easy and they only need to be installed once to be accessible through multiple applications.  That means that the graphic you develop in Microsoft Publisher can match the font you used for ad copy in Microsoft Word… which in turn can blend in with the video you create in Windows Movie Maker – all using the same font!!! 

Here’s a look at 2 fonts you can download now:

Check out the latest Clip of the Week for instructions on how to preview and install these fonts.  Then make sure download the font pack with the fonts used in the video.  Click the link to download:  Font Pack

Note:  For a great site for fonts check out www.fonts.com.  They have over 150,000 font products you can preview, purchase and download.

Posted on May 27, 2011 at 10:42 am

Categories: Fonts, Windows 7

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