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With the recently launched Spoon.net service, registered users have the opportunity to use software applications on demand without installing them first to their computer.  I was amazed at how effortlessly this process worked and found it to be ridiculously simple to start using.  The traditional model has you downloading or inserting a CD, installing the application and then running it.  Actually there’s nothing wrong with this method but it can have some drawbacks. 

For example, let’s say I know I need to use only one particular feature of a given software title.  Now I have this application installed, possibly using system resources on startup and extra code in the registry.  Rinse, lather and repeat for each software installation and soon you could have a system loaded down by software that perhaps you had to have, but only needed or used on occasion, if rarely.

Up until now, that was the price we all had to pay.  Spoon.net provides an interesting alternative.  With free registration and by means of a special browser plugin, applications can be run on demand over the Internet without any installation.  Spoon.net has a growing library of software titles in what they call the App Store.  Some are free licenses while others are pay.   Some of the choices include: Free Video Converter, VDownloader, Chrome, Firefox, 7-Zip, Gimp, OpenOffice, Skype, VLC Media Player -and that’s just for starters.  So for the application that you need only once in a while, choose it from the library and in seconds you’ll have the full application running with no restrictions.

For some time now Google and more recently Microsoft have had their own spin on this.   An important distinction between these Spoon.net applications and ones provided by Google Docs and Microsoft Live are this:  Google Docs and Microsoft Live are browser based applications.  Spoon.net applications are stand alone.  So when a Spoon.net application launches, it’s not part of the browser, it’s the full featured application that is running exactly as if it was installed.  It may sound confusing, but using it once reveals how effortless it really is. 

Get an up close look at Spoon.net in action by viewing this week’s Clip of the Week for 6/6/2011 -Using Spoon.net, or get started with the application now by visiting www.Spoon.net.

Posted on June 10, 2011 at 9:42 am

Categories: Follow-up Friday, Windows 7

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