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Hopefully you enjoyed our “Clip of the Week” this week on the use of TweetDeck.  Many folks sign up for Twitter and only use the web site but never look for other tools!  TweetDeck is certainly impressive in the ability it provides you to set up groupings of persons you follow and easily tweet, establish lists and more.

There are other tips you may appreciate.  Here are our Top 10 Twitter Tips:

1.  Consider the field you are in and find others in that field that you can model your tweeting style after.

2.  Note that many will follow a patter in their tweets.  They might do the following  Explanation | Title | Link  For example, for the ClipTraining tweets for this blog we might say the following:  The ClipTraining Blog focuses on Twitter | Follow-up Friday: Top 10 Twitter Tips | <insert link here>

3.  Check out to analyze the statistics of other users so you can learn from their pattern.

4.  Determine the kind of  Twitter user you are.  Are you going to post things about yourself personally?  Where you are, who you are with, what you are doing?  (Note:  Just tweeting your mundane day to day life is not going to nab you too many followers).  Or are you going to be all business and tweet the latest tech news and so forth.  You can mix them together of course but sometimes being consistent is important when you are trying to establish a follow base.  Whatever you decide… be INTERESTING to others.  And it is ok to retweet someone’s witty saying or cool fact (it doesn’t have to be all about you and what you are saying).

5.  Create a profile page that represents you.  Don’t just go with the standard background.  Use the profile page as an opportunity to express yourself a bit.

6.  If you are promoting a product, don’t push too hard or too often.

7.  If you have a web site or in your email signature you can include little “Follow Me” buttons and links.  These are considered ok in terms of etiquette (or Twittiquette).  Begging people to follow you?  Not so much.

8.  Don’t repeat yourself.  “Hey check out my blog!”  Wait 1 hour. “Hey check out my blog!”  Wait 1 hour “Hey…!” you get the picture.  You don’t have to repeat yourself.  If folks like your message and want to check it out they will.  And if they want to, they will re-tweet your post and it will go out on the wire again.

9.  If you want to make sure a tweet goes into the right grouping you can search for key categories with hashtags (#) and then insert these at the end of your tweet (or if you mention the word in your tweet you can always drop a hashtag in front of the word to save on letter count).

10.  Someone described Twitter as one big conversation, not a monologue.  In other words, you can use it to direct comments or questions or answers to individuals or to the entire Twitter-verse if you like.  But it’s something you participate in, not just tweet your business and close out of.  Imagine it as a global chat.  Seriously you can chat with million of people all over the globe in many different languages.

Hopefully you enjoyed some of these tips.  There are many others that will help you to promote yourself better or your business, help you gain more followers, help you avoid drawing negative attention to your tweets and much, much more.

Posted on March 11, 2011 at 8:00 am

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