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In our latest installment of the Clip of the Week, we looked at how to disable the SmartPaste feature, allowing us to quickly paste data into our documents and move on.  The video clip took us over to the Advanced button found on the File tab in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other ribbon-enabled Office applications.  Since we’re in that neck of the woods, why don’t we check out 3 other options on the Advanced button?

 1.       Modifying the file location save point:

If you find yourself always saving documents to a different location than the default save point (C:\Users\Owner\Documents in Windows 7) then you may find it helpful to modify the save location.  Do this by going to the Advanced button on the File Tab and then scroll down to the General section.  Click the File Locations button.  Select Modify and then select a new location for your documents to save to click OK.  Your documents will now be saved in the new location.

2.       Using overtype to insert text.

One simple check box lets you take advantage of the Insert key on your keyboard to let you type over text instead of in addition to it.  Again we’re on the Advanced Tab but now look in the first section, Editing Options.  Check the box ‘Use the Insert Key to control overtype mode’ and then click the OK button.  Now you can utilize this feature by using the Insert button on your keyboard.

3.       Using the Insert key for pasting

Here’s an alternative way to use the Insert button on your keyboard.  Back to the Cut, Copy and paste section of the Advanced Tab and check the box Use the Insert key for paste.  This is great for instances where you have a lot to paste into a document and gives you one keystroke to do this.  Consider this the shortened form of the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut.

 Remember that there are plenty more Advanced options for you to explore, so get busy tweaking your Office applications to suit your style.

Posted on September 30, 2011 at 8:56 am

Categories: Follow-up Friday, Office 2010, Word 2010

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