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For many, the introduction of a new command-line tool like PowerShell is a step backward.  They love the GUI, so why would they ever want to use the command-line again?

For others, they debate the purpose and use of PowerShell.  Is it a scripting language or not?  The answer is important because the perception of what a scripting language is and what it does can turn a person away from its use quickly.  Technical writer and well-known speaker Greg Shields answers the question unequivocally NO.  It is not a scripting language, although he admits it “comes equipped with some powerful scripting constructs that enable it to accomplish all the tasks you’re used to seeing in a scripting language.”  But Shields feels it is far more than that.

He defines it as “a text-based administrative automation solution. Through the simple connection of a few key cmdlets, even the greenest of IT pros can speed up the completion of the most difficult IT tasks.”

Revising our view of PowerShell may lead to more admins using it.  It’s not a step backward to the command-line (believe me, it isn’t DOS).  And it isn’t a step into the world of scary and overly complicated scripting languages like VBScript or others from times past.  It stands on its own.  And with just a little bit of training you can benefit from the value of PowerShell.

You can read Greg’s article on the subject in Redmond Magazine: http://redmondmag.com/articles/2010/05/01/windows-powershell-is-not-a-scripting-language.aspx

As for more training on PowerShell… stay tuned!  While you wait, however, you might want to read some more.  One of our favorite PowerShell Guru’s is Jeff Hicks:  http://jdhitsolutions.com/blog/

Posted on March 25, 2011 at 9:25 am

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