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With all the excitement surrounding the next version of Windows, it seemed appropriate that we download, install and check out the preview for Microsoft’s flagship operating system.  In previous posts we showed you the possibility of a new interface using titles for shortcuts.  That article pointed out how to obtain the Windows 8 interface right now from within Windows 7.  Than earlier this week, we rolled out a video preview showing Windows 8 running and a host of new features as seen in this clip. 

So what did we like best so far of all the new features?  What did we not like about some of these new tweeks?  Well let’s talk about that right now.

Best New Preview Feature

This was a hard choice because of so many excellent new features such as the new Internet Explorer, Control Panel and the addition of the reading to the windows explorer interface.  However, without a doubt the best part of this preview is seeing the mosaic tile interface integrated within Windows.  It becomes obvious after using it for just a few moments that it will work best with touch screen enabled computers and devices.  That possibility also unlocks the potential for using the same style operating system on a set of given devices such as a Smartphone, tablet and PC and not have to worry about learning a different or new operating system for each one.  Having the same core windows foundation made learning this new navigation not only intuitive but easy-to-use.  Two thumbs up for this feature!

The “I Didn’t Like It In the Preview” Feature

Shutting down a computer shouldn’t be a difficult challenge.  In the Windows 8 preview, it wasn’t apparent how to work the shutdown.  All instincts would point to the start menu or start orb and in the lower left corner.  But try as I might I couldn’t find the shutdown there.  Shutting down the computer required starting the tile interface, going up to the log off button in the upper-right corner and then activating the shutdown dialog.  This was far too buried and complex.  Let’s hope this gets worked out before the beta version of Windows 8 arrives. 

Already showing great promise, the Windows 8 Developer Preview has only whet our appetite for what should become the greatest OS release by Microsoft ever.

Posted on September 23, 2011 at 9:55 am

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