Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Preview (Office 2013)

It’s official!  The wraps are off the new Microsoft Office suite with the July 16th press event announcing the new Microsoft Office 365 Home Preview.  With its new touch centric interface and bold styling, Office appears primed for another run as the king of business productivity software.


What is it?

Although it is still technically a preview, the Microsoft Office365 Home Premium Preview is one powerhouse that looks and feels remarkably complete.  Clean, sleek and filled with new features, templates and now optimized for touch, Microsoft has performed more than just a facelift to Office.  Built to integrate with Windows 8, and synchronize with the cloud seamlessly, Office 365 is yet another new Microsoft product that has previewed in 2012.


Why is it Important?

As arguably Microsoft’s most important software, Office has powered business applications for decades.  The latest version is introducing more than a new look.  Available as a powerful cloud service and filled with new enhancements, Microsoft hopes to fend off Google’s attempts at bringing free cloud based office applications into the workplace.  Also, with the upcoming launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft’s own Surface tablets, the plan may be to steal some of the iPad’s thunder.  At this time Office is only expected on mobile devices running Windows, perhaps adding further incentive’s for business to turn to Microsoft’s mobile solutions.

When is it coming?

The official final release is expected early 2013.  For now, Microsoft Office365 Home Premium Preview is available as a free download directly from Microsoft.

For now, tune into the ClipTraining Blog for weekly updates with videos and articles showcasing new features in store for Office.

Posted on July 31, 2012 at 1:04 pm

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