NASCAR gives ClipTraining VIP treatment at Daytona

ClipTraining is proud to say we love NASCAR.  We’ve said that for a long time for a lot of reasons including their desire to stay on the cutting edge of technology, which is clearly seen at their headquarters in Daytona.  We also appreciate the fact that we can work with them to provide Windows and Office training to many of their people.  But this past week that love came from a whole new level of appreciation.  For those who aren’t aware, last week was a race week that culminated with the Daytona 500 and our friends at NASCAR invited us out to enjoy the festivities with them.


A couple of us took our sons out to Daytona and met up first with Heather Fitzpatrick, Office Training Specialist and friend.  She took us in a golf cart through the tunnel that leads to the inner field and gave us passes that allowed us to tour everything!  We were in the garages with the actual cars for the race.  And we were “guests of NASCAR” so we could go by the trailers (called ‘haulers’) for water and Gatorade while we waited for the race to start.  In the trailers there were posted fliers about ClipTraining to help NASCAR personnel learn more about the solution so more folks will use it.  It was absolutely awesome and we very much appreciated it.


We were looking forward to the first race of what’s called the Duel.  These races determine who qualifies for the 500 on Sunday.  Did we have a favorite?  Well, there are a lot of great racers out there.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. (who went on to win the 500 this year), Joey Logano, etc… but our official favorite… Danica Patrick.  First off, she’s the only Sprint Cup Series female driver, which makes her cool (like Pinky Tuscadero cool, in the Happy Days episode with the Demolition Derby and the Malachi brothers).  Second, she’s driving for GoDaddy, which looked like the only techie company in the list (although I could be wrong).  We’re techie… GoDaddy registers domain names… you see the connection right?


Right before the qualifying race was about to start we were literally in the pits with the pit crews.  That was incredible.  And we were waiting by Danica’s car.  When she came out she was super focused and serious about what she was about to do.  Driving at 200 MPH is incredibly dangerous especially with inches between cars (that’s how it looked from where I was standing… which was in the pits by the way… did I mention that?)  My son yells out “Danica, please sign this!!!” holding up her picture.  And she looks over… smiles… and does it!  How amazing is that?!  Now that was a highlight of the day.  And then she drove off (in her race car… she’s a race car driver… did I mention that?) and she qualified for Sunday.  Unfortunately, due to an accident not of her causing, she crashed out with a lot of other drivers.  But she is still our favorite driver.




A week to remember.  And it’s all thanks to our friends at NASCAR.

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 10:29 pm

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