Power up Your Memory and Monitors With These 2 Powerful Applications

There’s nothing better than well written software built to utilize your hardware.  When the two come together, it’s a joy to behold.  Here are two applications FreeRamXP Pro and UltraMon that rise to the top and make you wonder why all software applications aren’t made this easy.

FreeRam XP Pro– Windows XP appeared on scene over a decade ago yet surprisingly still runs on tons of computers.  Here’s a small utility that will make your day if you’re a Windows XP user –FreeRam XP Pro.  This tiny application serves one purpose and it does it spectacularly –freeing up system memory.  Note: this is only for users of Windows XP and prior OS releases.   The entire application is less than 1MB so it’s lightweight as you’d expect and an easy installation.  Disappearing into your system tray, FreeRAM XP Pro can automatically optimize your system, balancing levels between your memory cache and the computer’s speed.  With the click of the button, you can attempt to free up any available memory and speed up your system. 

Having used this app for several years, I can tell you it’s one of the first apps I install on an XP system.  When I open Adobe Photoshop instead of having my machine come to a halt, FreeRam XP Pro quickly extracts every last bit of memory it can for me leaving me ready to work in the fastest environment (memory wise) that my system’s hardware will allow.  I completely concur with CNET Editors 5 star rating.  Here’s a quick link to get it from CNET

UltraMon – Users  of multiple monitors will leap for joy for another simple but powerful application. UltraMon.  Feature rich, this tool empowers multi monitor users with enhanced tweaks and functionality.  Topping the list for most users is the smart taskbar.  This featuree extends the taskbar to your multiple monitors so that a window only shows up on the taskbar it’s active on.  Another cool aspect of the application is the ability it gives you to run unified wallpapers.  If seeing is believing, check out UltraMon.  

Posted on January 5, 2012 at 12:40 pm

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