The Admin Corner: A Cornucopia of Kemp Technologies, Don Jones and IPv4 Addresses

We had a great deal to report about this week.

For Exchange Admins:  Our friends at KEMP Technologies had an interesting announcement yesterday that their hardware and software load balancers are approved by the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Qualification Program.  J. Peter Bruzzese has had a chance to work with the Hyper-V virtual load balancer that Kemp provides.  It’s the only one on the market that he knows of and it’s an essential piece of a DAG puzzle for those times when you simply cannot use Microsoft’s NLB and either have to go with a third-party hardware/software NLB.  Congrats to Kemp Technologies.

For Those Wanting to Learn (or Teach) PowerShell:  We want to recommend for those of you Admins needing to learn PowerShell but without a ton of time on your hands, check out Don Jones’ new book (in progress) “Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches” with Manning Publications.  Don outlines on (the online companion to your Month of Lunches book) that there is a “Classroom Kit for Trainers” available for FREE.  You might also check out Don’s YouTube channel here

Network Admin Info:  The Internet has officially run out of IPv4 addresses.  There will soon be a shift to IPv6 that may last a decade or more depending on how long people plan on holding on to their outdated hardware and software.  In his Enterprise Windows column, J. Peter Bruzzese explains why the sky is not falling… that this is a good thing… and there is no way to avoid it because, as he puts it: “Folks… there is no Plan B”.  Read the whole column on J. Peter Bruzzese’s Enterprise Windows blog.

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 8:00 am

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