The Admin Corner: ClipTraining at Techmentor

This has been an incredibly exciting week in the tech sector.  The Techmentor conference in Orlando Florida has been going on all week and it has been one of the best Techmentors we’ve attended.

ClipTraining’s J. Peter Bruzzese kicked off the week on Monday with a session called Windows 7: Tips, Tricks and Tools which was 4 hours long!!! The time flew by as Bruzzese gave them as many goodies as he could pull together for the crowd.  Want to learn about 8 of the tools he discussed?  You can read up on them in his InfoWorld column:

ClipTraining has a booth this year at Techmentor (picture below).  It has been a great show.  ClipTraining’s Tim Duggan has faced off on guitar hero with a variety of attendess attempting to battle him for the lead guitarist spot.

The ClipTraining Booth at Techmentor

The ClipTraining Booth at Techmentor 2011

Posted on March 17, 2011 at 12:07 pm

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