The Admin Corner: The Samsung Galaxy Tab

We live in an Apple world these days. Sure, the PC is alive and well and running on enterprise desktops everywhere, but that isn’t cool. Nobody boasts about their desktop running Windows (unless that desktop is an Alienware system). It’s all about the iPad, the iPod, the iPhone, iMac… and the list goes on. So what is one to do if they simply can’t do Apple. What if deep down in the core of your system you just can’t do it. Maybe you feel it is a betrayal against your Microsoft loyalist leanings. Maybe you just don’t like the commercials they have put out making fun of Microsoft. I mean, the first few were funny… but the next dozen or so were just plain mean. Hard to imagine it but they made folks feel sorry for the Windows giant.

So, when it comes to a tablet, even though everybody is jumping on the iPad craze, where is a loyalist admin to turn? Microsoft isn’t even in the space so that leaves us looking at the Google Android OS. And with the Galaxy Tab from Samsung we have a great alternative to Apple’s iPad with features that exceed the iPad (like cameras on the front and back) and a form factor that fits most of our lifestyle a bit better (the 7″ hold in the palm of your hand rather than the 10″).

Read more about the Galaxy Tab on InfoWorld in the Enteprise Windows column by J. Peter Bruzzese in the article: “Galaxy Tab: A great tablet for the ‘can’t do Apple’ crowd”

Posted on January 26, 2011 at 10:24 am

Categories: Product of the Week, The Admin Corner

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