The Value of Training: Commentary on Lecture from Paul DePodesta

Greetings, this is J. Peter Bruzzese (Cof-Founder and CIO of ClipTraining)

As a journalist for InfoWorld I have opportunities to visit a variety of different conferences and meet some incredibly talented people from time to time.  Last week, at the Training Conference in Orlando Florida, I had the privilege to hear a speech from Paul DePodesta.  Paul made a career of evaluating, measuring and assigning value to talent, and is currently Vice President of Player Development and Scouting for the New York Mets.  He is the basis the character Jonah Hill plays in Moneyball.

The point Paul made that really had me thinking quite a bit was about how they scout out and invest in young talent.  He said it is literally impossible to go down to Venezuela and scout out a young 15 year old kid and be able to see the future for that kid.  To be able to say that this kid, at 25, in another country, in New York City, in front of 40,000 people in a stadium, when the pressure of the whole game is on his shoulders… is going to hit a home run.  Impossible to predict.  All you can do is consider the raw talent they currently have and provide them a tremendous amount of solid training.

Training is the key.

People are hired every day based on resume’s and references, based on how they did during the interview process and all you can do is make a best guess on how they will perform within your organization.  But you can do more than that.  You can provide them with solid training to ensure they have the skills to take their talent to the next level.  It’s the only way to ensure success.  Doing the opposite and providing a lack of training will only sabotage the very goal you are seeking when hiring on new people.  As life hits, with its many emotional ups and downs, the only way to keep people productive is to automate some of their productivity through solid training, and in my opinion, through training that is always available to them, not just once in a while when they attend a class or conference.

That was one of the foundation elements to forming ClipTraining.  We wanted to be able to provide training 24/7/365.  Any time, any location, task-based Windows and Office training, soft-skills training, safety training, life-skills training and more… in an all-you-can-eat upscale buffet style environment.   If you haven’t had a chance to check out ClipTraining, take a look.   We’ll help you and your people hit home runs!  Corny, I know… but it seemed to fit the theme.  😉

Here are a few video clips of Paul DePodesta on YouTube:


Baseball vs. Business

The Naïve Question


Posted on March 10, 2013 at 12:47 pm

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