Top 10 great gifts for geeks and non-geeks

There are so many cool gadgets and gizmos a plenty out there right now.  At the same time there are some great gifts for those who love to read.  Here are our top 10 great gifts for geeks and non-geeks:

A Windows Surface:  With a cool keyboard (touch or tactile) that clicks in smoothly and doubles as a cover, the new Windows 8 tablet is a solid gift for your Windows lovers.

An iPad or iPad Mini:  Hey, we understand that the Windows OS may not be for everyone and the iPad iOS 6 already has its hooks in the majority of tablet users so look for year-end deals on the latest iPad (or possibly iPad 2 deals) and/or iPad Mini (which is quite cool in the new form factor that fits in the palm of your hand).

The New Chromebook:  There are different vendors to choose from but the new Acer is only $199 and the Samsung models begin at $249.  Sleek, fast boot times, light and portable.  A very cool gift for those who just aren’t “tablet people”.

An Alienware Gaming System:  Have money to burn and a heavy gaming bent?  The Alienware Aurora will have your friends drooling over your desktop gaming system.  A lighter budget perhaps?  The X51 is smaller and cheaper but a powerful little machine.  Need to go mobile, check out Alienware laptops like the M14x, 17x or 18x.

Conversational Geek (in 7 days!):  Written by ClipTraining’s very own J. Peter Bruzzese, this is a perfect book for geeks and non-geeks alike.  The geeks will find it to be a walk down memory lane while still learning some cool facts they never knew.  Non-geeks will finally be able to understand (a little more anyway) their spouses, friends, children and/or IT admin when it comes to subjects like the Internet, networking, computer’s and even geek entertainment.

Spock Costume Hoodie:  Speaking of geek entertainment… nothing says geek winter layering like a hoodie that makes you look like Spock!  We love and so this is one of hundreds/thousands of great gift options to choose from.

Kingston’s DataTraveler Workspace:  A USB drive that is approved for Windows 8’s “Windows To Go” feature.  A great way to walk around with your OS, apps and documents (locally or in cloud) in your pocket!

The Steve Jobs Bio:  This bio by Walter Isaacson does not provide a rose-colored glasses view of the life of Jobs.  You see the man in all his glory, all his brilliance, all his genius… but we’re still presented head on with his many character flaws.  And yet Isaacson does it in such a way that you cannot help but learn a great deal about what it takes to be that kind of world-altering genius of a man.  A must read for all.

Sonos:  The wireless hi-fi system.  These are really cool wireless speakers that can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet and can basically play any and every song in your library, through services, through radio stations, etc…

ClipTraining:  Hey, we had to give ourselves at least 1 spot in our list of great gifts for geeks or non-geeks.  We believe the gift of learning more about how to use that new Windows 8 system, iPad/iPhone, Office 2013 is a gift that keeps on giving.  Make your children more proficient with the incredible technology right at their fingertips.  Make your end-users and employees more productive within their careers.  Anywhere/anytime training with the ClipTraining learning system is the perfect gift.  (Well… the Spock hoodie is the perfect gift really… with a copy of Conversational Geek stuffed in the pocket… but after that, ClipTraining is the perfect gift!)

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Posted on November 22, 2012 at 11:54 pm

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