What is GodMode in Windows 8, and why should I use it?

Ok, so I know that title was a bit extreme, but I promise you that Windows 8 has a feature called GodMode and it’s actually pretty awesome.

Still with me? Great.

Windows 7 was a great operating system, and some people felt that Windows 8 was a “dumbed down” version of a great OS with a funky live tile interface plopped on top. And in some ways, Windows 8 has been “dumbed down” for us normal folk. However, it doesn’t mean that all the great functionality and the ability to tweak and change the OS to your heart’s content is gone. In fact, it’s tightly and quietly tucked away in a feature unbeknownst to many. You guess it, that feature is “GodMode”.

So here’s the thing. In Windows 8, it’s not like those features are necessarily gone or inaccessible without this special “GodMode”, but they are scattered about the OS, making it quite difficult to plow through a settings changing session (something I do often to try out different configurations, troubleshoot, and the like.)

“GodMode” in Windows 8 helps bring all those settings together.

Now, how do you invoke this “GodMode”?

It’s easy. First you have to buy 20 talents of gold, melt them in a cauldron, learn the spell of….just kidding. It’s even easier than that.

Just bring up Windows File Explorer from the desktop, and change two simple settings. You want to check off the boxes that sac “File Name Extensions” and “Hidden Items”, this way you can view all the files and settings necessary.

Next, you just have to create a new folder on your desktop by right clicking and selecting New Folder.

Rename that folder with the following string of text:


When you press enter, the folder’s name will automatically change to GodMode and double clicking this “folder” will bring up all the goodies you could possibly need to adjust at one time.

Simple as that! Now, I’m sure you’re blown away. 😉 But if you really want to delve into Windows 8 and learn the ins and outs like a pro, you need to subscribe to our yearly personal package and you’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ in “GodMode” and more in no time.

Posted on September 13, 2013 at 1:46 pm

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